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New shipbuilding designs

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We analyze the customer´s needs to carry out a conceptual design. We carry out the preliminary project for quotation request to the shipyards. We perform the shipbuilding project to apply for permissions of the corresponding authorities. We supply the shipyard or shipowner the package design, including detailed engineering, and even CNC and nesting if required.

We design fishing vessels - trawlers, longliners, seiners ... - , dredgers and barges, tugboats and port services, pontoons, patrol boats, oceanographic or tankers. All designs fitted to the flag and / or Classification Society´s requirements. The engineering package fulfill all requirements of the most important Classification Societies.

Conversion Projects

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We cooperate with our customers searching solutions to improve the vessel´s perfomance, capacity and security.

We carry out lenghtening projects to improve the stability condition or to increase the capacity of the vessel.

We carry out double hull projects to fulfill the new environmental regulations.

In fishing vessels, we carry out projects for changing fishing gear, installing freezer tunnels, closing decks, installing cranes, etc

We carry out flagging projects and whatever conversion Project the owner requests.

Project Management and Shipbuilding Supervisors

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We carry out Project Management required by Administrations for new shipbuilding and conversión projects

We carry out on behalf the owner the shipbuilding or conversión supervisión to check that the works are being performed according to the specification and the contract, and also according to the corresponding rules of the flag or classification society.

We provide technical assistance to the shipyards as advisors during the shipbuilding or conversión works.


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We carry out all kind of calculations related with the naval architecture. We have a broad experience in calculations and certifications for Spanish or foreign flags like M.C.A. (Maritime Costguard Agency) and / or Classification Societies.

  • Intact and average stabilities
  • Marine structures calculations and designs
  • Finite elements calculations
  • Freeboard, tonnage, lightship, power prediction, etc
  • Towing calculations

  • Manuals

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  • Garbage Management Manual
  • SEEMP - Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan | Marorka
  • Safety Mangement Manual
  • Training Manual
  • Radioelectrical Manual
  • Waste collection procedure manual
  • CE Manual for pleaisure boats

  • Evaluations, Expertise, Arbitration

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    As agents of the naval division of Taxo Valoracion, we carry out valuations of all type of vessels, both built or in construction, all around the world.

    We also perform valuations of fishing licenses.

    We provide our services to finantial companies, owners or brokers, for financing purposes or as advisors for trading operations.

    We carry out expert opinion for damages evaluation and to determine the causes of an incident.

    3D Scanning

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    We own a spatial station Trimble VV to obtain lines plans and for alignment of blocks.