We get involved with our clients to find solutions to improve the performance, capacity, energy efficiency and security of the vessels.

  • Lengthening projects, to improve the stability conditions or to increase the capacity of the vessel
    Some of recent lengthening projects are “Villa Nores”, “Marguel” and “Loucenzas”
  • Repowering, to improve the energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint and increasing vessel´s performance.
    Some of the recent repowering projects are “Igueldo”, “Golden Chicha” and “Venturer”
  • We carry out conversion projects of fishing vessels to install freezing tunnels, closing decks, install cranes, or any other conversion required by the owner
  • We carry out conversion projects of barges and dredgers to install dredging equipment in barges, or to install cranes and excavators in dredgers.
    Some of the recent conversion projects of dredgers are “Manuel de Oliveira”, “Ecológico Primero” and “Ecológico Segundo”
  • Flagging of vessels projects, to filfill requirements of Spanish flags (vessels “Lodairo”, “Adexe Primero”, “Cantabria Seis”, “O Noso Uno”) or foreign flags (vessels “Capricorn”, “Bragle”, “Rambla”, “Petrel”)